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If you are you sick and tired of feeling drained, confused and overwhelmed by your menopause symptoms...then say HELLO to 
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  • Lose weight with our 3 day- Eat for Hormone Love recipe guide one delicious bite at a time 
  • ​Identify triggers for hot-flashes, night sweats, brain fog & weight gain using  our hormone symptom tracker 
  • Get clear on 3 main stages of the peri+menopause transition &  stop guessing where you are & what to do next
  • ​Regain peace of mind as you distinguish the 34+ symptoms  of the transition & see your body on menopause & what to do next
  • ​Take steps to cool your hot-flashes and learn what  triggers make them worse
  • ​Demystify Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT/HT) - fact vs. myth, so you can decide if it's right for you
  • Get on track to never diet again as you identify rookie mistakes that keep you stuck in diet mode vs. losing weight with ease so you can eat foods you love including wine and chocolate
  •  Build confidence for your next doctor visit as you get the right questions to ask 
  • ​And much more...

If you are you are ready to take charge of your menopause symptoms and jumpstart the strong, sexy, woman who loves herself and enjoys her life again:

Download the Girlfriends Guide to a Healthy, Lean, Gorgeous YOU during Menopause and Beyond for only $97.

Before working with Charlie, I was among the millions of women who spent their lives miserable. I was constantly fatigued, suffering from headaches and other infirmities that I assumed were normal for a woman with a stressful job.  

Working with Charlie, I lost 17 pounds, stopped having headaches, got my energy back, and felt like a better me. It’s amazing how bad habits were depressing me and how easy it’s been to be a more joyful person. I highly recommend working with Charlie if you have a sneaking suspicion that others are enjoying life more and you want in!

Portia - Washington, D.C.
Hey beautiful girlfriend!
I’m Charlie Reid, certified health coach, women’s health & hormone practitioner ,  and I’ve been where you are. 

Getting reconnected to your beautiful body and regaining control over where you are in the peri+menopause transition so you can feel and look better fast ,isn't as hard as you think.  And I will show you how to start!  

I wrote the Girlfriends Guide to a Healthy,, Lean, Gorgeous You During Menopause & Beyond, because I met so many women were confused, overwhelmed and unsure about what was happening to their body.  Or if they were even in the transition of menopause. I wanted to help them  out of the overwhelm, shame, confusion and bad advice .  And, back on track to loving your body while you are working on it. 

I know how it feels to be sad about losing your self during the transition and being angry about your body betraying you as it ages. 

And after 15 years of working with women in my private practice, to get healthy, lean and gorgeous. Coaching them to say yes to loving their bodies more, and, building a healthy on fire lifestyle they love.   I know the Girlfriends Guide to A Healthy, Lean, Gorgeous You can  restore your sanity, and to have a new beginning.

I’m ready to start feeling and looking great and take charge of my menopause transition to take  back my JOY!

 The  Girlfriends Guide to a Healthy, Lean, Gorgeous You During Menopause and Beyond for only $97.

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